Quality Information

Kimron Technologies Ltd. has set as top priority goal to be a leading quality manufacturer in the electronic product assembly, and to use it as leverage in its business development. The company with all its employees is committed to this goal without compromise.
Kimron Technology Ltd. Is Certified by the Israeli Standard Institute to the ISO – 9001:2015.
Kimron Technology Ltd. is Certified by the Israeli Standard Institute to the ISO – 13485-2016. Medical devices.
Kimron Technologies Ltd. invests in equipment, testing measure and manufacturing facilities from the best available technology in order to meet the highest standards required.
Kimron Technologies Ltd is sustaining a process of analysis and continuous improvement of work processes, production methods and management activities at all levels.
Kimron Technologies Inc. employs workers with extensive experience in the manufacture and control processes. These employees are executing periodical training. Significant numbers of employees are authorized to perform tests according to standard IPC-610.
Kimron Technologies Inc. is authorized by a number of military and medical organizations in production and assembly of products.

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