Production Services:


  • Assembly of SMT and TH.H components.
  • Assembly of special components 0201, Micro BGA, Micro QFN, Fine pitch, Odd shapes.
  • Rework of BGA and QFN components, low and high quantity.
  • X-RAY inspection of special components, three-dimensional analysis of the image, non destructive testing and failure analysis.
  • Adherence of components, Acrylic coatings of mounted PCB according to military standards.
  • Drying and sealing components according to standards.
  •  Delivery to the customer warehouse.

Purchasing and Logistics services: 

  • Implementation of full ERP management system to the customer needs.
  • Project management and MRP (Material Requirement Planning) According to orders and marketing forecast.
  • Management of engineering BOM.
  • Management of ECO (Engineering Change Orders).
  • Management of versions and serial numbers traceability.
  • Managing customer storage facilities.


  • Designing products for mass production
  • Tracking and locating alternative components.
  • Define and manage customer BOM.
  • Planning for mass production.
  • Designing and making Production files.
  • Adjusting production processes to customer requirements.

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